I1 Smart Home Gas Alarm

I1 Smart Home Gas Alarm
Target Gas:Natural gas ( CH4, Methane)/LPG(C3H8, Propane)
Working Environment: Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
Humidity: <95%RH (No frost)
Gas Sampling: Natural diffusion
Detecting Range: 0~100% LEL
Presetting Alarm Level: 7% LEL
Warm Up Time:180s
Sensor Type:Semiconductor
Lifetime:5 Yeas
Working Voltage:AC90V~265V
Alarm Method:Visible and audible
Alarm Volume:≥70dB
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Optional for natural gas or LPG;

100% gas sensing platinum electrode, highly resolution to avoid false alarm;

Visible and audible alarm;

Low power consumption, 2KWH per year;

Up to 70dB alarm sound, ring warning light design.

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