Venus Battery Operated CO Alarm

Venus Battery Operated CO Alarm
Detecting Gas: CO
Working Voltage: DC9V
Working Currency: ≤170uA
Working Temp: -10℃-50℃
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Standard: EN50291 Approval
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Brief Introduction:

Venus battery operated CO alarm adopts high quality electrochemical gas sensor and advanced technology. The installation method can be taptop, ceiling hung and wall mounted. Easy to install and operate. When the CO concentration in the air reaches the presetting alarming level, the detector will give audio and video alarming promptly, which informs the user to adopt measurement to avoid the fire, explosion etc. dangerous accidents happening.


The Venus CO alarm uses electrochemical sensors to effectively detect dangerous carbon monoxide fumes and alert you to their release. Recommended for use in any indoor room.


  • EN50291 Approval

  • Battery-operated CO Alarm

  • High quality electrochemical Sensor

  • Easy to install, Multitype installation

  • MCU control

  • Peak value memory

  • LCD display

Technical Data

Sensor Type: Electrochemical sensor
Working Voltage: DC9V
Standard: EN50291 Approval
Working Temperature: 10℃-50℃
Working Humidity: ≤95%RH No dews
Alarm Method: Visual and Audible
Sound Level: ≥90dB (1m)
Size: d×h,136.5×43mm
Weight: 240g
Package: English neutral
Accessories: M5 bolt: 2pcs
Operation Manual: 1pcs

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