KAB Combustible Gas Alarm

KAB Combustible Gas Alarm
Detecting Gas: Natural Gas, LPG
Working Voltage: AC220V / AC110V or DC12V / DC24V
Sensor Type: Catalytic sensor
Response Time: ≤30s
Warm-up Time: 2-3 minutes
Alarm Level: 10%LEL
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Brief Introduction:

The KAB combustible gas alarm is a sensitive combustible gas detector that detects a broad range of natural gas and LPG. adopts highquality gas sensor with advanced technology and superior craft. It has good stability and long life span.


The KAB combustible gas alarm is designed to detect the concentration of combustible gas(natural gas, LPG) in your home to avoid fire, explosion, suffocation, and other malignant accidents.


  • EN50194 Approval

  • High quality catalytic sensor

  • Optional relay or valve output

Technical Data

Sensor Type: Catalytic sensor
Working Voltage: AC220V / AC110V, DC12V / 24V
Target Gas: Natural gas, LPG, coal gas etc
Consumption: ≤3W
Working Condition: Temperature: 0℃-55℃ Humidity: < 95%RH
Response Time: ≤30s
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Preset Alarm Level: 10%LEL
Alarm Method: Visual and Audible
Sound Level: ≥85dB
Sensor Life: >5 years
Weight: About 420g
Size: 170mmX100mmX45mm
Package: English neutral
Accessories: M5 bolt 4pcs, Operation manual 1pcs

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