GD Methane Gas Alarm

GD Methane Gas Alarm
Detecting Gas: Natural Gas, LPG
Working Voltage: AC220V / AC110V or DC12V / DC24V
Alarm Level: 10%LEL
Warm-up Time: 2-3 minutes
Alarm Method: Visual and Audible
Sound Level: ≥80dB
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Brief Introduction:

GD methane gas alarm is a great household necessity to protect your families' safety, so it is perfect to use in your kitchen and bathroom. It is highly sensitive, very easy to use, and it could detect natural gas, LPG, methane, other combustible gases etc. It will give a loud sound and light flash when it detects a gas leakage, practical to use.


When the gas leakage occurs, the gas concentration reaches the alarm concentration, the light will flash and remind you, accompanying am alarm in a loud sound, play a timely reminder, to ensure personal safety.


  • Dual gas sensor module design

  • Fast response

  • High accuracy, low consumption

  • Malfunction selfcheck indicator

  • Optional Relay or Valve output

Technical Data

Sensor Type: Catalytic sensor
Working Voltage: AC220V / AC110V, DC24V / DC12V
Working Condition: Temperature: 0℃-55℃ Humidity: <95%RH
Target Gas: Natural Gas, LPG
Consumption: ≤3W
Response Time:  ≤ 30s, resume automatically
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Alarm Level: 10%LEL
Alarm Method: Visual and Audible
Sound Level: ≥80dB
Weight: about 270g
Size: l×b×h, 126×72×47.5mm

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