Henan Hanwei Electronics has launched new company name

Henan Hanwei Electronics Co.,Ltd has officially launched its company name to Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation.

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation(Stock no.:300007) founded in 1998,is a trustworthy innovative technology company, and the largest gas sensors and instruments manufacturer in China. Hanwei Electronics has established the whole IOT industrial chain with the sensor as the core, covered intelligent instruments, cloud technology software. Hanwei Electronics have many categories of sensors, gas, pressure, flow, humidity, pyroelectricity and instrument industry. We have many series products(natural gas alarm, CO alarm, gas detector) used in home, commercial, personal safety, industry online monitoring, environmental analysis, mining safety, monitoring network, safety production, municipal informatization management system, intelligent transportation monitoring system.

Hanwei products and solutions widely used in hundreds of countries and regions, covered more than 20 fields, home security and health, petroleum ,chemical, metallurgy, mining, electronics, electricity, gas, water supply and discharge,heating, municipal engineering, public areas, traffic safety management. Most of products have obtained certification by CE, TUV, ATEX, RoHS ect. international certifications.

Whether the requirement is for a single gas or a sophisticated network solution, Hanwei Electronics can provide gas detection to suit the application. Contact Hanwei support with your requirement for a professional solution.


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