LPG gas alarm with shut off valve

LPG gas alarm with shut off valve. One of Liquefied Petroleum Gas’s greatest strengths is its versatility, with over 1000 different uses: in the home for heating and cooking; in the garden for barbecues; in your vehicle to lower your transport costs; commercially in forklift trucks, farming, industrial heating, catering to name but a few.

Highly flammable LPG is heavier than air so it will naturally tend to flow to the floor. This characteristic is why leaking LPG is so dangerous, particularly in the home , caravan or cabin.

Hanwei Electronics LPG gas alarm equipped with catalytic sensors and an automatic gas shutoff valve, it is an advanced gas detection system. The gas alarm will automatically shut off the supply of gas to your home if sensors detect a Liquefied Petroleum Gas leak.


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