How will a LPG gas alarm detect a gas leak?

Knowing how to detect a gas leak is essential for the safety use of LPG gas (propane tanks). LPG gas is used in various household purposes such as heating the water for your shower and for cooking your food. However, if propane tanks are not handled and stored properly, it could lead to explosive results. LPG gas alarms come in handy. So, this way you are continuously monitoring the gas levels in your home.

LPG(propane) is heavier than air, and a small leak can rapidly accumulate at floor or bilge level, providing the potential for a massive explosion. The Hanwei Electronics Group combustible gas alarms series have been designed to offer the customers devices representing the highest technology for the detection of Methane or LPG in residential premises.

The GK LPG gas alarm detects dangerous LPG(propane) concentrations in the room, i.e. above the 10% threshold level of the so-called lower explosive limit, and triggers alarm. The GK LPG gas alarm can operate as a standalone detection/alarm device, but it is also suitable for work as part of the alarm system and automatically shuts down the gas supply by means of the solenoid valve.

Odorants added to LPG or Natural gas do not provide 100% effective leak detection; on rare occasions a leak may not be detected by smell, so it is vital that there are gas alarms to detect their presence.


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