What does a CO sensor do and How high should you install it?

The CO sensor is the component inside a carbon monoxide detector, It is able to detect even slightly increased amounts of carbon monoxide, which are enough to affect your wellbeing over time. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas, so a detection system is the best possible safeguard.

Hanwei Electronics Group can provide both battery operated CO alarm or AC-powered CO alarm for indoor air quality monitoring.

CO alarms “shall be centrally located outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms,” and each detector “ shall be located on the wall, ceiling or other location as specified in the installation instructions that accompany the unit.” You should follow the manufacturer’s installation recommendations as they have likely performed research to determine the best placement for their detector.

Test Your CO Alarms Regularly
Test CO alarms once a month, following the manufacturer's directions, and replace batteries once a year, or whenever a detector "chirps" or "beeps" to signal low battery power.


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