How to better understand your kitchen gas alarm

As a homeowner, nothing is more stressful than experiencing a gas line leak in your home. Our domestic gas alarm is designed to detect all common gases used in households including piped town gas, natural gas and cylinder Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Natural or LPG gas is commonly used for cooking and heating. Should there ever be a weakened connection or loosened valve, a leak can occur resulting in a build-up of explosive and/or asphyxiating gas. The reality is that these issues could have been prevented, provided the gas leak was detected in time. A common misconception is that you can smell natural gas leaks. But this gas is completely odorless. Vendors add something to the gas that gives it that distinct smell. But if the leak is from a raw natural gas pipeline, or if it’s a slow leak, your nose likely won’t detect it.

The primary method of prevention is a kitchen gas alarm. Combustible gas alarms are affordable and easy to use but they provide a first line of defense against potential leaks. Within every gas alarm is a small sensor that is triggered when any above normal amount of natural or LPG gas is sensed.

GT Natural Gas Alarm can be implemented as a simple stand-alone alarm or its in built control capability can be linked to gas shut off valves, alarm systems.


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