How to find LPG or natural gas leakage in your home?

How to find LPG or natural gas leakage?

Your nose. Smell for the distinctive “rotten egg” odor of natural gas and LPG so that leaks become pretty obvious.

Listen for a hissing sound.

Is there any way to detect a natural or LPG gas leak besides that signature scent? You can buy a home natural gas alarm or a propane gas alarm that will sound an alarm if gas levels exceed a safety threshold.

LPG (propane) and Natural Gas (methane) are both used in essentially the same way but they are also different in many ways. LPG and natural gas are widely available and used for thousands of applications in homes and business.

Although LPG and natural gas is a clean, efficient and relatively safe gas, but when a gas leak occurs a small spark from simply turning on a light switch can cause a fire (as LPG and natural gas is highly flammable) or create an explosion.

Hanwei Electronics provides compact, easy to install and high quality gas alarms, catering for both LPG Gas users and Natural Gas users. For more information, Determine which gas alarms is right for you by calling our gas detection professionals.


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