Why you need install a better propane gas alarm in your home?

Why you need install a better propane gas alarm in your home? In its natural state, propane (also called LPG—liquefied petroleum gas) is an odorless and colorless gas that is widely used to fuel appliances for heating, cooking, and other uses. To make propane easier to detect in the event of a leak or spill, manufacturers deliberately add a chemical compound to give it a distinctive smell.

First, the purpose of the odorant is to help people detect the presence of propane. It is important that members of the household are able to distinguish the smell of odorized propane. It may be hard for some people to smell propane for some reasons.

Odorants added to propane do not provide 100% effective leak detection. A leak may not be detected by smell on rare occasions. GE plug in propane gas alarm provides simple and quick readings to identify the presence of combustible gases.This gas alarm is designed to detect Methane, Propane and many other combustible gases in your home. If a leak occurs while you are asleep, the alarm may assist you in becoming aware of the leak.

A combustible gas and carbon monoxide alarm can be used in homes. It can warn occupants if levels of propane, natural gas or carbon monoxide reach a dangerous level.

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation is a leading Chinese domestic gas alarm manufacturer. We offer a range of standard products, manufacturing capabilities for OEM’s and custom designed units for combustable gas alarm, carbon monoxide alarm etc.


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