Why you need to set up a LPG gas alarm in your RV?

Why you need to set up a LPG gas alarm in your RV? In most countries, a gas from the ‘Mercaptan’ is added to LPG so that a mildly rotten egg smell can be detected by the nose when LPG gas is released. Most RVs use LPG gas (propane), eventually, either for heat, refrigeration, hot water, or cooking. Of course that smell doesn't help you much when you’re asleep in your RV.

Gas alarms are one of the most important accessories in your vehicle and have saved countless lives. Every RV should have a working LPG gas alarm placed inside the RV. LPG gas can leak from stoves, heaters, refrigerators or water heaters.

Unlike CO, LPG is heavier than air. As a result, LPG alarms should be installed close to the floor.

To accurately monitor the many areas where combustible gas (LPG, natural gas) can pose a hazard, Hanwei Electronics offers a variety of domestic gas alarms, including the GK LPG gas alarm, the GT natural gas leak alarm, and the GE propane gas alarm.


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