Carbon monoxide detector–Battery operated or AC powered?

A carbon monoxide detector is an electronic device that senses the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in a building and sounds an alarm to warn you to escape. And since it’s colorless and odorless, you’ll have almost no other means with which to warn you of elevating levels. That’s reason enough to take some preventative measures.

Carbon monoxide detectors come in two varieties: Battery operated or AC powered.

Battery-operated units are much simpler to install and will not fail in a power outage. However, batteries must be replaced at least every two years. Additionally, just as battery changes in smoke detectors can be ignored (or forgotten), the same is true for the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors. Without power, the CO detector is useless.
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AC power units are permanently installed, maintenance free – No need to change a battery. As a permanent fixture, they require little or no service and should last several years before needing to be replaced, but if the electricity goes out, so does the detection system. (Any hard- wired unit should include a battery backup.)
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This style allows multiple carbon monoxide detectors to be wired together so that they all sound an alarm when carbon monoxide is detected by any of one of the detectors.


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