What’s Interesting About Household LPG Gas Detectors

The major uses of LPG are heating, cooking, motor fuel and refrigeration. LPG is one of the most convenient fuel sources for cooking. North America, India, and some Brazilian urban areas are the major users of LPG. For heating, LPG has mostly been used in Europe as an alternative to electric heating and heating oil.

While LPG is an essential need of every household, its leakage could lead to a disaster. If you are using LPG, having a LPG gas detector installed is a great safety feature for home and office. An early warning system will let you know if there is a leak or an operating problem.

The GE, GT series of combustible gas detectors are suitable for gas detection in residential buildings, commercial kitchens, schools and general building services.
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The detector is supplied pre-calibrated for the target gas, normally LPG or methane (natural gas) . For basic operation only mains power is required. For more advanced operation two relay outputs can be used to interface to other devices such as gas shut-off valves.

Because gas detectors come in many forms, such as combustible gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, it’s essential to select one that performs the appropriate function and sounds an effective alarm. Often detectors are accompanied by manuals with helpful location and installation tips to enhance overall detector efficiency.


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