Please beware: Danger for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning increases in winter

What is carbon monoxide?

carbon monoxideis a colorless, odorless and highly toxic gas produced when gasoline, natural gas, propane, kerosene, and other fuels are not completely burned during use. Dangerous amounts of CO can build up in the blood, replacing oxygen, and may cause asphyxiation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious hazard any time of year but it’s especially dangerous during winter when heaters and other fuel-burning equipment are used indoors or near workers. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include: nausea, vomiting, headaches, weakness, dizziness, chest pain and confusion. If CO levels rise quickly or exposure continues, it can lead to unconsciousness and fatality.

Any combustion appliances are dangers, especially in the winter months. but having carbon monoxide detectors is the most important safeguard. Hanwei Electronics offers a variety of carbon monoxide detectors, including the KAD CO alarm, GK AC-operated CO alarm, and the Venus battery operated CO alarm, very energy-saving, fast & easy to install.


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