CO alarm for the dangers we cannot see

CO alarm for the dangers we cannot see. Exposure to combustible or toxic levels of hazardous gases, as well as oxygen-deficient atmospheres, can cause injury or immediate death. You cannot simply rely on your senses to tell when hazardous gases are present. Many of these gases are often odorless, such as carbon monoxide.

The most common sources of CO are gas appliances used for heating and cooking, vehicles engines, electric generators and fireplaces. Carbon monoxide can build up in a home when gas appliances are not working properly or when combustion gases are not being safely vented to the outside.


CO Alarms are designed to alarm before there is an immediate life threat. Since you cannot see or smell CO, never assume it’s not present.

Hanwei Electronics provide Carbon monoxide alarms come in two varieties: AC-operated CO alarm or battery-operated CO alarm.


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