Advice for choosing home natural gas alarm

Natural gas is known to be a very safe and economical source of energy. Nevertheless, it is a highly volatile and flammable gas. Early detection is your best bet to stay out of danger, because failure to identify a high level of gas in your home can cause illness, danger of explosion, and death.

Install a home natural gas alarm is the first choice

Install a natural gas alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. These will sound an alarm if you have a gas leak or a buildup of carbon monoxide caused by incomplete burning of gas in an appliance.

Follow your nose (The smell might not always be present)

The natural gas used for residential purposes has a synthetic additive that gives it a strong smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. This is done to make the detection a leak easier. This distinctive scent allows you to smell a potential leak. Always leave if you suspect a leak.

Be aware that some persons may not be able to detect the odorant because they have a diminished sense of smell, or because the odor is being masked by other odors in the area.

Therefor, home natural gas alarm is key to help keep you family safe, any leak or exposure can be identified early and you can contain the problem as quickly as possible.


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