Reasons why you shouldn't ignore your home natural gas alarm

Natural gas is completely safe when it's sealed inside pipes and used in the right way. The danger occurs when gas leaks out or doesn't combust properly in an appliance. Although gas companies commonly mix mercaptan with the natural gas source to produce a rotten-egg smell, gas alarms are much more effective than the human nose to help protect you and your family.

As the home natural gas alarm features AC power source, it’s easier to use and can easily be installed in a house to provide continuous protection for peace of mind.
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As Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) becomes dangerous when the concentration is high enough to become explosive, the gas alarm is specifically designed to trigger when the gas concentration reaches 10% of the lower explosive limit (LEL).

If your appliances run on natural gas it is recommended that you install your natural gas alarm high on the wall to ensure the earliest detection of a leak.


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