How SIGNIFICANT is the fire safety system? ---- Russia mall fire reflect the problem

In the political fallout from a mall fire in Siberia that killed 64 people, 41 of them children, a longtime regional governor resigned on 1st April.
Russia mall fire reflect the problem

Some people lost their entire family in the blaze. During the investigation of the tragedy, investigators say the fire alarm was broken and exits were blocked. Here we should address the significant of fire system and how the products work in the system.

According to the feature of the super mall fire, the customer flow is large while the aisle is narrow. Based on the Intelligent Fire Integrated Solution from Hanwei Electronics Group, we combine all the effective early warning fire detector and alarm together for the fire detection from temperature alarm to the emergency solution, the comprehensive alarming system and real-time monitoring will provide great help to avoid the loss of personnel and property.
Intelligent Integrated Fire Solution

The proper layout and installation of early warning fire detector and alarms such as fire alarm, smoke alarm, visual & audible alarm ,manual alarm, water pressure detector, temperature sense,CO alarm,gas alarm,camera.etc, will transfer the real-time effective monitoring information to the smart integrated fire fighting platform via wired or wireless way. The integrated control and monitoring will be convenient for the mall ’s administrator to know if the fire system works well and where should do replacement of fire alarm. When there catch a fire, the monitoring platform will get the signal and show the location of the fire place. Meanwhile, the information will be sent out to the fire station.

The intelligent integrated fire solution from Hanwei Electronics Group has been widely applied in China and overseas. Welcome for inquiry.


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