How to find the right natural gas leak alarm for your home

Natural gas is the most widely used source of energy for household heating and cooking, and for the most part it's quite safe. However, homeowners need to be vigilant about the risk of natural gas leaks. Even if you can’t smell gas, you might have a gas leak.

Not only can gas leaks increase your energy costs, but they can also be deadly.

The Natural gas or methane is highly combustible! A natural gas leak can cause an explosion if ignited by a spark. While large gas leaks are easily identifiable by smell, smaller leaks may go unnoticed for a long time. As oxygen levels continue to decrease, you’ll feel tired, even exhausted. Eventually, you’ll feel nauseated, lose consciousness and stop breathing.

That’s why it’s important to keep a natural gas alarm in your home, as well as a carbon monoxide detector.

Products like Hanwei Electronics’s series of domestic combustible gas alarms are designed to provide an effective alarm for combustible gas detection(natural gas, LPG). GT Natural Gas Leak Alarm can be implemented as a simple stand-alone alarm or can be linked to gas valves or alarm systems.

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