How to protect yourself from methane gas leaks at home

The carbon-hydrogen compound that is natural gas(methane)does not have any odor, but a mercaptan, "rotten egg" smell is often added to the gas by suppliers to alert homeowners of any gas leaks in their homes. The strong, unpleasant odor is one of the fastest ways of detecting a gas leak. If you smell either scent in your home, leave immediately.

However, a slow natural gas leak can cause damage to your home, resulting in health hazards or worse. This is why you need to install a gas alarm at home.
GT Natural Gas Leak Alarm
GK Natural Gas Alarm

A home natural gas alarm can alert you if the levels of natural gas in your home's air ever reach dangerous levels. You should always have these alarms installed in your home, and you should make sure that they're functional.

The natural gas alarm can be plugged into any standard socket and easily mounted to the wall for ease of use. Detecting natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, the sensor emits an alarm that you can easily hear from anywhere in the house.

If you use gas burning appliances or use natural gas for heating, make sure to have yearly inspections. Gas leaks, while dangerous, are preventable.


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