Why do you need an LPG gas alarm in your home

There is a concerning lack of awareness of the potential dangers of gas in the home - from toxic carbon monoxide (produced from incomplete combustion) to combustible LPG or natural gas leaks. However, it can be deadly if a leak goes undetected.

LPG (propane) is heavier than air, so a leak could potentially fill up a room, creating both a risk of asphyxiation or explosion. To alert on LPG leakage and prevent any danger, it’s a good idea to install LPG gas alarms inside your room.

We have two types of combustible gas alarms, catering for both LPG gas users and Natural gas users. If gas leakage occurs, this gas alarm detects it and sounds an alarm you can easily hear from any point of the house.
View GK LPG Gas Alarm
View GT Natural Gas Leak Alarm

If you know that you can’t smell gas, or would simply like an extra layer of protection, you should consider installing a domestic gas alarm.


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