Why families need to invest in natural gas alarms

If you do not have a natural gas alarm at your home, it is the high time to get one. The same is applicable to your office building if you do not have one over there. The risks of not owning a natural gas alarm are serious, due to the threatening nature of natural gas (Asphyxiation or Explosion).

Natural gas is one of the most common types of leaks you may encounter at home. Natural gas is used in millions of households for water heating and cooking. While generally safe and reliable, natural gas can be hazardous if used improperly, so it is vital that there are natural gas alarms to detect their presence.

Products like Hanwei Electronics’s series of domestic gas alarms are designed to provide an effective alarm for flammable gas detection. GT Natural Gas Leak Alarm can be implemented as a simple stand-alone alarm or its in built control capability can be linked to gas valves or alarm systems.


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