Why Smart Natural Gas Detectors Are Getting More Popular

Natural gas, propane (LPG) and butane are explosive in certain concentrations, and therefore puts your life at risk. If gas is leaking you want to be alerted to act fast. That is why discovering gas leaks immediately is so important, and – while you can rely on your nose most of the time – the safest way to confirm your suspicions is to install a natural gas detector.

Gas detectors can save lives, and like so many domestic appliances, they’re becoming increasingly smart.

What Is a Smart Natural Gas Detector?
A smart natural gas alarm is a device that can communicate with your home security system when the device detects the presence of natural gas. Among all the smart-home devices available today, a smart gas alarm is probably the most important. Whether you’re across the street or across the country, a smart gas alarm will let you know (via your smartphone) when it detects natural gas or LPG in your home, while simultaneously flashing its lights and sounding an alarm.

Another benefit of smart gas alarms over standard ones is that you can more easily tell when they’re not working. Detector’s connection to your Smartphone keeps you informed at all times.

Join us and let’s keep people safe from gas leaks.


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